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While the special sciences began to serve separate social necessities philosophy remained a technique, art of teaching, art of vrachevaniya, presents for girls birthday legislation and etc, that general science which it was required to teach, how a man must attain simultaneously and happiness and virtue. But in this research it is our object, it is for us; and that would appear him v-sebe, would be, thus, rather by his life for us. Greek nationality was replaced hellenism, hellenism by the Roman empire. We can not explain all of endless complication of the world and can not say differently, as by former causal knowledge, which from possible circumstances will prevent the offensive of . If cognition takes a place with life, sense is actively revealed in him, that brightening of darkness of life. There is a radiation in emanationmatters and separation of matter. Philosophical cognition which is also humanizing goes further, cognition of secret of life in a man and through a man, cognition of sense of existence, commensurable with human existence, with a human fate. Foremost we will specify on plodotvorneyshee beginning of every progress which so sharply and brilliantly German philosophy differs in general, and in particular case gegeleva system, from those hypocritical and cowardly views, what dominated in those times for Frenches and England: truth is a supreme purpose of thought; search truths, because in truth blessing; which truth was not, it the best of all, that not truly; first debt of thinker: not to retreat before no results; he must be ready to sacrifice truth by a favourite the opinions. It was succeeded to prove through presents for girls birthday very careful experiments, that the electricity created in a nerve decreases or quite disappears, only a nerve is resulted in excitation or, in other words, only he executes some physiological function; vice versa, rest, or inaction, nerve equivalent with the increased accumulation of this force or with the increase of his electromotor forces. Principle we get it from experience, and he is the source of our most philosophical judgements.

It requires, that we looked not in storonu from it, but obtained it from it. Thus, every aspiration to understand the changeable variety of the phenomena with a necessity results in the searches of fundamental principle.

Time is illness, presents for girls birthday illness to death. A metaphysician which wishes to enter a necessity for determination of causality can argue so: Right, that a word necessity here is not used. Object, he is which without thought and without a concept, there is some presentation or even only the name; only in determinations of thought and concept he there is that, that he is. Just and gold contains in each the point all of the qualities inseparably and indivisibly. you do not see really, that was a seed, becomes a stem, from that was a stem, there is an ear, from that was an ear, cartfulnikaet bread, from bread is gastric juice, from him is blood, from it is a seed, from him is an embryo, from him is a man, from him is a dead body, from him is earth, from it is a stone or other thing, it is and so possible to come to all of natural forms. Who enlightens a man even in regard to the nearest to him things, that sets a fire in him universal svetoch, in fact it just is property of light to light up remote objects. Needed not so much critic of clean reason, how many critic concrete, human individually as egotsentrizm.

PHILOSOPHICAL UNDERSTANDING of SOZNANIYAPLATON you are easy it will be to understand, if at first I will say here that: presents for girls birthday I think, you know that those, who is engaged in geometry, by an account and suchlike, suppose in any the research, they know as though, what chet and odd number, figures, three types of corners and other in that family. * for example, unequal lines or quadrangles presents for girls birthday with unequal sides and corners. So, for nastoyaschego of the last objects we have memory or flashback (memoria); for nastoyaschego of the real objects we have a look, view, contemplation (intuitus), and for nastoyaschego of future objects we have expectation, hope, hope (exspectatio). not added exact description? The kinetic theory of gas comes from, consequently, from the elementary indefinable presents for girls birthday or undetermined phenomenon. Not nearly that already the soul stands now before christianity, what stood before christianity of middle ages or pervokhristnanstvom, quite other sensitiveness opened up in it. Quite similarly the quasi-scientific elements of Bible, biblical astronomy, geology, biology, history, science of childhood of humanity, but not religious revelation of Bible in a clean kind, interfered with free development of science.

From the same determination ensues,secondly, that bodies which move will move and farther, because that moves, abandons a place which it is in, and arrives at other place, and consequently, moves farther. Byukhnerpovodom to writing of next lines the known idea of Charles Fogta served me that ideas are in the same attitude toward a brain, in what a bile is to the liver or wetting to the buds. Do you consider at that rate possible, that they existed in an unperceiving thing?. Clear therefore, that we do not search him not for what to other necessity. It becomes very slippery, when heat raw. there is no doubt, that the world is created not in time, but together with time. And what wisdom? Really is not it veritable beauty?.

. With. 5. Only such philosophy and has a price which expresses it ekzistentsial'nost' subject. presents for girls birthday In headings of Sum of theology the the same charts of theology are laid on on the endless brindle of concrete questions from five proofs of life of God to determination of scopes possible and impermissible in financial activity. Time and all of what be going on in time there is only a projection of perezhitogo in an instant, to time not belonging. it is an exception from philosophizing of personalistskoy tradition. Mastering itself individually these presentations, our mind can unite them in one concept, or in a single idea, is a square.

. And on this question a negative answer is given! The same age which in proud rapture knowledge dreamed to build history of humanity, leaning against the philosophy, the eighteenth age, he knows and acknowledges that force of human knowledge unsuffices in presents for girls birthday an order to overcome an universe and penetratednut' in the last bases of things.

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