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* In us there is reason (principe) of our actions, which we feel, but which we can not define; it is named by force. But because, further, in order that to get to know properties of the state, it is necessary preliminary to study inclinations, affects and dispositions of people, philosophy of the state is subdivided usually into two departments, first from which, interpreting about inclinations and dispositions, named ethics, and second, probing social duties, by a policy or simply philosophy of the state. So, to research of the mentioned divine truth it is possible to come only with large labour and effort, and not many want to undertake this labour from love to knowledge, natural appetence to which God, however, inlaid in human minds. . To the man, to seeing conductors only on locomotives and in stagecoaches, very strange is to hear, if will name a conductor a metallic cylinder in an electric machine, because he did not imagine, that this word was general, mattered abstract, it seemed to him that conductor it certainly there must be a timber-toe the known setting. is tragic position of philosopher. . e. Not difficultly, what our society binds to the word philosophy and philosopher often very unprofitable presentations and our best pens express the similar picture of the comic ideals. When I talk that nothing is out of me, I can inlay two different senses in my words.

. When we do claim of general character, it in the case of his error can not be presented as possibility. . Because you, Epikur, does not explain a rejection and motion of atom neither a shove from outside nor some by other reason, influencing on him from that emptiness which an atom rushes through, not some change which takes a place in an atom and which induces him to change the natural motion under influencing of weight. * Fragment from lectures, read P L. sciences, true, have history also and from the side of maintenance; this history shows the change of the last, removal of positions which used confession before.

In atoms it is possible it was to see financial reason, but fundamental principle would act part only general act, determining their position and speed. History of the name philosophy is history of cultural value of science. But at sew on a statue is not present yet no pred-stavleniya about different changes which it can test. Where the fates of the outer world flowed noisily, destroying whole people and great powers on a way, there, seemed, only in internal life of personality it is possible it was to find happiness and gladness, and that cakes for kids birthday is why a question about correct arrangement of the personal cakes for kids birthday life became for the best people of time major and most vital. cognition. Give a glance now on the economic phenomena. We created itself the picture of coherent organization of heartfelt processes in one personality and designate cakes for kids birthday him as I to this personality.

Anywhere that one difficult structure is reason other, there must be in a great deal the same structure both in reason and in operations, as in the case of phonograph record and music.

abstract from its attitude toward experience; if he is distracted from the last, for him a thing turns out in itself, that abstract from that it meets in experience. I gladly submit the decision of any disinterested man. Such materialism was in essence fatalism and did not abandon a place for the foresight of events, I. All of theology of teachers of church contained the enormous dose of philosophy. So, we see how the benefit of philosophy is great, not to mention about glory and other pleasures which it brings with . Philosophy. It seems that a man has two properties: at first, to be living, and secondly to be also and death.

30 Pantheism is religious and philosophical studies, equating God and world unit. . the reasonable animated body, an idea is subtracted cakes for kids birthday reasonable, as a result there is an idea the animated body; a little later with the increase of distance between you and me and deleted we lose an idea animated and we have only an idea body; finally, when nothing is visible already, all of idea is lost. Bl. . . It differs and from the acceleration of time, related to the technique, and from sorrow and melancholy, related to the passively-emotional experiencing of fatal time. . Yumvse of perception [perceptions] of human mind is taken to two different from each other births which I will name the impressions (impressions) and ideas.

Circular orbits of planets, correct geometrical bodies seemed to them the unchanging structures of the world. , 1973. Really, despairing cakes cakes for kids birthday for kids birthday in success, I to assert a figure, that possess an cakes for kids birthday idea which is precede no similar with it impression? It would be too obvious proof of unsteadiness and inconstancy, as opposite principle already is so firmly set by me, that shuts out no further doubts at least until we did not yet consider more perfect appearance the difficulty met by us.

But after it I extend the knowledge and, speaking to experience out of which I showed this concept cakes for kids birthday of body, find that with foregoing signs weight is always linked also, and thus tack synthetic this sign to the concept of body as [him] a predicate. A crown of it is love. development from the beginning of the real century entered not only in science but also in everyday thought. e. And a beast sees, and a beast publishes sounds, and that et al are great victories of life; but a man looks and talks, and when he looks and talks the unsettled heap of details stops to be mass of cakes for kids birthday chances, and revealed harmonic whole, by an organism, having unity. If a preference is given a word existence before a word life, only because life is a category biological, as we see that at Nitsshe and Bergsona, and existence is a category ontological. When both these reasons unite, a statue makes more efforts, to remember what it left off to be, and that it is presently feels weaker from it. Every collection of fact sheets is logically able to be something whole; in clean logic any two events are compatible, and no collection of events is supposed by existence of other events.

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