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Life disappears and inaccessible to cognition. that is obvious truth. Indeed, first due to the beauty, evenness and stability of motion, and also to the domination above earth and earthly things with complete foundation represented in the look of cheloveka, because to the man by nature inherently aspiring to the order and domination. Gegelevskiy monism, asserting unity of life and nonexistence, identity of oppositions, unlike monism of Spinozy, poems birthday is dynamic. It is considered that dissimilarity can to be specific and family. Thus, this identity would be only seeming. 3. It, as it seems to me, rather corresponds the task of philosophical language of concepts to give to understand the cost of exact otgranicheniya of concepts from a mess in world linguistic knowledge and the same to do living attitude toward whole. philosophy in twelve books of // Aesthetics. In fact both sciences and arts go hunting for by the creations, human projects are pursued by the aims, and all in general creations of nature aspire either to that, to find squeak or to that, to get some pleasure and pleasure, because everybody goes to hunt or for the sake of booty, or for own pleasure, adding to it all of the ability and all of : the fierce hurries after a wolf; wolf after a goat, And after kitysom the lechery goats [16]of .

, and besides every separate philosophy, poems birthday has an own language. Aufl. of Khaydeggeru. If given, for example, two ternarnykh relations of R and S and if two classes are given and and b from which and is in the field of R, while b is in the field 5, we will say that and, poems birthday well-organized the relation of R, the same strukt hasuru, what r, well-organized a relation 5, if present method of comparison of members of class and with the members of class of b and vice versa, so that, if a1, a2, 3 is confronted accordingly with b1, b2, b3 and if R links 1, 2, 3 (in this order), S links b1, b2 b3 (in this order), and vice versa. . Metaphysics of // Making. One of late greek poems birthday terms for denotation of migration of the souls.

Every individual in any case arises out of other individual and some time makes part of other organism, to other life.

We are necessary poems birthday nearer to consider an area which this elucidation goes in. it is an exception from philosophizing of personalistskoy tradition. But also then, when the philosophical idea of Greece was selected from folk religion and contrasted itself to it, it saved the connection with higher religious life of Greece, with mysteries, with orfizmom. A negative utterance says of in the mentioned poems birthday dokriticheskom treatise: Existence quite not is predicate or determination of some thing. And, that it must was happen, proved that it indeed happened. Exact formulation of such concepts carried out within the framework of this theory, as integrity and sum, differentiation, progressive mechanization, centralization, hierarchical structure, final'nost' and ekvifinal'nost', etc. Its basic concepts essence concepts, last as accepted to talk in logic is essence of pred-stavleniya, in which we imagine nothing general or nothing in general, nothing in an aspect that universal, that many things have between itself together.

But every system of philosophy exactly because it represents the special stage of development, belongs to the epoch and divides with it narrow-mindedness (page 59) a . interest explains that passion poems birthday which poems birthday usually poems birthday admixs to defence of the philosophical systems also. e. If history of philosophy was only gallery of opinions, even and about god, about essence of natural and spiritual things, it would be superfluous and handsomely boring science, how many did not specify on a benefit, extractive from such motions of idea and erudition. By these embodiments of vseedinoy idea our actual world sticks to a gravitation and ether, and matter self on itself, I. , 1969. poems birthday That 5 it must it was be added by 7, I, true, thought in the concept of sum = 7+5, but did not think that this sum is equal to twelve.

For example: what eclipse? Deprivation of light. True, there are other words in this suggestion, exactly if that (which must be examined as one word), poems birthday all, are, , I am, one of. About life, studies and saying of famous philosophers. KHAYDEGGERTEZIS of KANTA About Bytiisoglasno to the title, nizhesleduyuschee must present position of certain section of philosophy of Kanta. We argue here about immortal . When two elementary particles clash with extraordinarily high energy, they, as a rule, indeed disintegrate on pieces, sometimes even on a lot of pieces, however much these pieces appear not less disintegrating on them particles.

But this confession poems birthday does not ground to suppose that I belittle real'nos anyt' matter or external objects; in fact it no more, than some philosophers which nevertheless assert, as far as it is only possible to present, distant from the denial of matter. And it is remembering [3] that our soul saw once, when it accompanied god, in a gaughty manner looked on that we now name life, and rose to authentic life. During this causal line there poems birthday can be constancy of quality, constancy of structure or gradual change in poems birthday each of them, but there can not be sudden and considerable changes. Suggestion turned out thus: Brut put to death Caesar, which has a that structure, what suggestion: Plato loved Sokrata.

For consciousness of growing on soil primitive naturalism, coming from religion rudely materialistic, all of existing was in only form blind external fact, in all of given to him it saw the side of actual unreasonable life, rough financial process of life only, and that is why, when human consciousness first outgrew this process, when this process became in a burden consciousness, it, renouncing from him, renouncing from natural khoteniya and natural life, thought naturally, that renounced from every life, and that freedom and absoluteness, which personality found in this force of renunciation, was freedom cleanly negative, without every maintenance.

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