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Consequently, atoms, as basic or last elements of this reality, essence not that other, as elementary forces. Like that both garden-stuffs collect not from roots and not from the barrel of tree, but only from the ends of his branches and the special utility of philosophy depends on those its parts which can be studied only under an end. Other three parts contain everything most general in physics; here exposition of the first laws belongs for beginnings of nature; description is given that, how the vault of song birthday heaven, immobile stars, planets, comets and in general all of Universe, is formed; then nature is especially described sew on earth, air, water, fire, magnet bodies which usually more frequent than all meet on Earth, and allproperties, looked after in these bodies, as light, warmth, weight and other. For us, actually, only two departments in society: people, persons interested knowledge and song birthday development, and admirers of ignorance, people, raskol'nicheski hostile science, exactly in its developing human beginnings. If, song birthday as in a previous example, we close enough go near some body, to notice that it moves or goes, we distinguish him from a tree, columns and other known us immobile bodies. From other side, it is so known that the so-called reason produced, opposite, the rights, rejected a faith, based on authority,, and wanted to do christianity reasonable, so that in obedience to this claim only song birthday own discretion, own persuasion, obligates me to acknowledge that or other. you will never satisfy me of that it not protivorechit to general good sense song birthday of humanity. and Diogen consider that air of pervee (proteron) water, and from simple bodies mainly he is taken for beginning; and Gippas from Metaponta and Geraklit from Hilt is a fire, Empe-dokl are four elements, adding to adopted earth as fourth. Here all, that can be said about materialism in general, about materialism in general-philosophical sense, because time erected on his substantive provision the most various buildings on, which gave materialism of one epoch a completely other kind comparatively with materialism other. Principle we get it from experience, and he is the source of our most philosophical judgements.

He would reason differently: as an arrow flies in actual fact, and a runner goes after a tortoise,, znachit, there is some error in logic of his reasonings, but not in physical reality. e.

Znachitel'na only that philosophy, in foundation of which spiritual and moral experience lies and which is not game of mind. Actually, it would be ridiculous to base analytical judgements on experience, because, making these judgements, I quite not must go out outside the concept and, consequently, does not need certificate of experience. To be conscious it foremost cleanly descriptive term which leans against the most song birthday direct and reliable perception. So here human personality finds the freedom and absoluteness in renunciation from external song birthday natural life. And distinction here is such, as it was said before about it: there is lishennost' song birthday in one case, song birthday when nothing in general is deprived something, in other when it is deprived him or in set time, or in certain part (for example, in such age, or in main part), or everywhere.

All of our knowledge is thereon founded song birthday in history. e. With. If earth brought garden-stuffs unchanging, foundation would fall off for festivals, related to sowing and reaping. We will remain at it and song birthday will ask: in what here is business philosophy nostalgia? Novalis explains: traction everywhere to be at home.

But as do our opponents act? For explanation of the unknown by him phenomena they song birthday think of creatures, yet more unknown, than the phenomena, requiring explanation, creatures about which, on their own confession, they have no presentation! Otherwise speaking, they renounce indisputable principles logicians in obedience to which it is necessary to pass from more known to to to less known. They assert boldly, that better, happier man, following unconsciously to the beforehand prescribed routine, a man -giving, neponimayuschiy, dead body in hands other, on expression of jesuits, what man, trying to get by suffering and errors of full knowledge, the best understanding, most just terms of life. Operating and financial reasons are partial reasons, I. We will imagine that before us flat figure, extraordinarily look like the figure of circle. Uninvited, unexpected, it takes us in the whirlwind of the dance, and rushes with us, while, tired, we will not fall out of hands of it. Thus, this multiplicity of similar examples appears essence of force, or connections, and is a that source, where this idea results from. Against similar opponents, entering into is impossible, because they stand on other soil, talk in other language. For a barin-frenchman a servant dare even reason, have and defend own opinion, and to toto the gda owner anything from him is needed, so orders it will be not enough, and at first it will be necessary vtolkovat' a servant the idea and and to thank you for that this opinion will prevail at that. of Fekhnera, . We will assume that you know two twins which you can not distinguish from each other; we will assume, further, that odesin from them lost on war an eye, hand and leg. We can tear and cut to pieces other polypuses, shellfishes, worms, intestinal worms, song birthday not killing individual life and sensitiveness of these separate parts; they live by independent life, sometimes filling in itself a desideratum unit.

We can imagine that is adopted a word stone, and without that, that it the presented certainly existed as what that was not by directly available stone. And in respect of other sciences, those, whoever was taught their bases and did not attain some success so that to see how these sciences turned out and as they arose up, are similar in that behalf to the children, which, not knowing about birth, trust the stories of grandmothers, that their brothers and sisters did not born, but were found in a vegetable garden. Meantime, song birthday song birthday as experience of christianity, christian revelation opened span-new prospects.

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