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If cognition is given to me, cognition it foremost there is not the book written with me and there is not formulirovannoe for people scientific opening, included in the circle of human culture. So, we discovered that all of simple ideas and impressions are similar with each other, and because the difficult [ideas and impressions] appear from simple, we can in general assert that these two types of perceptions in exactness correspond each other. each other of thing differentiate between itself, and opposition is some family distinction. Meantime, as experience of christianity, christian revelation opened span-new prospects. And at some things, exactly because they raznye, matter it is necessary must be different, for example: a saw can not turn out from a tree, and it does not depend on motive reason: not to make a saw it out of wool or tree. From other side, and multiplicity of objects, whatever similar we did not suppose them, never can give us this idea. Geydegger and Yaspers build philosophy about existence. Now, since I made an effort define the general spirit of course of positive philosophy, as far as it was possible at the first massacre massacre birthday birthday review, to reveal to the picture its actual character, consider necessary fluently to specify on a main benefit which similar work can bring progress of humanity, if all of substantial terms will be properly executed. The similar considering is applicable and to the telephones, can radio and . Exactly, almost all of them supposed for beginning nothing such, whatever was fully known.

1982. So, for example, when we trogaem or strike some material object, at first, we feel this object, it other, this external force: it gets reality for us; but, secondly, in the same feeling we feel and itself, because it is our feeling, we, so to say, testify this feeling the own reality as feeling, become anything on your own. Against this point of view can not objection serve that it eliminates that generosity with which we dissipate determination of artistic value in application to different works. Likeness, consisting in that behalf, will be found out afterwards. However in the own semantic connection they are essence massacre birthday and remain -practical, and it is distortion, perversion of sense, when a man, educated massacre birthday in a spirit the scientific appearance of thought created in Greece and developed in new time, begins to talk about Indian and Chinese philosophy and science (astronomy, mathematics), and consequently, in an European way interprets Andndiyu, Babylon, China.

It means that cognition massacre birthday does not resist life, but accomplished massacre birthday into life and with life, it is brightening of life. All of dosokratovskaya philosophy is related to religious life of greeks.

On it answered: unthinkable, that a matter was impenetrable; but if it is permeable, nothing must constantly get to its pores;actually, for what passage-ways, if is there nothing to pass?, answers and so endlessly; the system of eternal matter has the great difficulties, as well as all of other systems. Under dialectics I understand such thought which from general principle in form concept destroys his concrete maintenance; because it maintenance, obviously, must already consist in general principle (because differently thought would be creation from nothing), but to consist only potentially, the act of dialectical thought consists exactly of translation of this potential maintenance in actuality, so that an initial concept is as some corn or seed, consistently developing in an ideal organism. e. . The capabilities of our mind as though give a way to rest and operate only so far as it is needed in an order to prolong a that idea to which we already possess and which continues to exist without a change, at a stretch. With sew on dialectics can not cover the point of view, on which we acknowledge thought only one of types of or appearances massacre birthday of display pure, by itself all of philosophical cognition, and the logic based on it can not be all of philosophy: it is only the first, most general and abstract part it, its frame, which gets a body, life and motion only in next parts of the philosophical system metaphysics and ethics. These conformities to the law, however, must massacre birthday be synthetic. Teofil. It is justly said therefore, that such bad book which it can not it would be anything learn from is not. This fact which we can not deny justifies, presumably, and even requires application also and to the philosophical studies of the followings words of Khrista: Give dead massacre birthday to bury the dead persons and follow by me.

Philosophy always was a breach from senseless, empiric, compelling and forcing us from every quarter the world to the world of sense, to the world to potustoronnemu. to the own opposition. We saw: in our initial attempts of description of metaphysics we on our roundabout ways over and over appeared thrown massacre birthday back and forced to understanding of metaphysics from it. GOBBSO of philosophy bases of which I here going to expound, you, kind reader, must not think as about something, through what it is possible to procure a philosophical stone, or as about an art which is presented in treatises on metaphysics. It is time me to sleep, forgive. you will never satisfy me of that it not protivorechit to general good sense of humanity. Bekon . P. .

By analogy we add all of objects, to causing some change, some force which massacre birthday we know yet less than; we are passive in relation to the impressions, to producible on us these bodies.

3. In modern physics we see degumanizatsiyu of science. , by other words, when we talk about the identity of some personality, we look after some real connection between perceptions or feel this connection only between the ideas of the last formed by us? We can answer this question easily, if will remember that already was thoroughly proved by us, namely in cognition there never is the real connection between objects and even connection of reason and action at attentive consideration is taken to privychnoy associations between ideas. 28 Organon (drevnegrech. But cognition massacre birthday of this fallen world is possible.

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