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Reigning in it it radiates rest and prosperity outside; gift for him birthday it can not equal appearance not do on the appearance and similarity our exterior, giving it, accordingly, carried out dignities pride, gaiety and liveliness, expression satisfaction and good nature. It is involuntary suggestions which an animal obeys as though automatically foremost. . -, clear, that unchanging coexistence or following not there is that, that we mean under a causality: causality of implitsiruet them, but not vice versa. What a transition is more sharp from one to other, the anymore its surprise and the the more of it strikes a contrast between accompanying ikhudovol'stviyami and sufferings. . In actual fact we think not about akatalepsii, but about evkatalepsii, because we do not belittle the values of sense, but help him and does not ignore reason, but manage them. Nostalgia does exist today in general such? Did not it become by an unintelligible word, even in everyday life? Actually, really was not a present city man, monkey of civilization, cut a long ago already with nostalgia? And here yet nostalgia as determination of philosophy! And main, who do we bring it over in witnesses gift for him birthday about philosophy? Novalis all the same only poet and not at all scientific philosopher. But because human nature is sinful, that creation is distorted and perverted a sin, and possibly and wicked creation. (18821943) 3.

Therefore that, who said that a mind was, similarly as in living creatures, and in nature and that he is reason of miroporyadka and all of miroustroystva, seemed reasonable as compared to the rash reasonings of his predecessors. Presently becomes more obvious, that research of nature gift for him birthday makes the task of scientist-empiricist, but not task of philosopher gift for him birthday as such.

With sew on dialectics can not cover the point of view, on which we acknowledge thought only one of types of or appearances of display pure, by itself all of philosophical cognition, and the logic based on it can not be all of philosophy: it is only the first, most general and abstract part it, its frame, which gets a body, life and motion only in next parts of the philosophical gift for him birthday system metaphysics and ethics. We assert nothing, what can not it would be be proved and what you must not were acknowledge together with us; principles which we come from are clear, obvious, shown out of facts; if anything does not clear or incomprehensible for us, we frankly confess in this vagueness, I. I, 1791, page 29 35). It is very useful knowledges, but nobody will say that they are needed for all. For thosekh, whoever yet realized uselessness of our ordinary concepts for description of shallow particles gift for him birthday of matter, the results of these experiments seemed striking. Knowledge of facts moves step by step; but it is much necessary accumulating knowledge, to distinguish casual supposition from credible one, considered and, finally, from result in which rapprochement of large number of facts results irrepressible. in narrow-mindedness of our knowledge *; but we think of no hypotheses gift for him birthday for explanation of a not clear us phenomenon; we accede to that never cognize him, or wait, that time, experience,successes of knowledge will bring with itself necessary elucidation.

on the theory of gases. It is possible legally to doubt at first, in that, whether there are in general oppositions, and, secondly, in that, whether popular estimations are not gift for him birthday superficial and valuablystnye protivopolozheniya, on what did put the seal of metaphysics, are not there they by the especially preliminary points of view, and besides by looks under a corner from a top to the bottom, by frog prospects, to adopt for painters it is good the expression known by him? At all of value true, truthful, selfless who does know, it is not necessary to add more high for life, of more principle value of illusion to will to deception, self-seekingness, avidity? And, who knows, whether can not be so, that the value of good and worthy things is explained their cognation, their tempting coupling, connection, perhaps, even edinosuschnost'yu them with bad, imaginary opposite by him things. So, from one side, a man, exempt christianity from slavery the feeble and scanty elements of the world, fallen in new, more deep slavery of external spiritual power; from other side, mundane relations continued to be based on a chance and violence, getting only higher approval from a church. In the world ancient, where human personality on advantage was low-spirited beginning natural, material, as by alien external force, philosophy released human consciousness from an exceptional submission this exterior and gave him internal support, opening gift for him birthday an ideal spiritual reign for his contemplation, in the world new, christian, where self it is a spiritual reign, self it the ideal beginning, accepted under the firm of external force, laid hands on consciousness and wanted to subordinate and crush down him, philosophy rose in a revolt against this changing the internal character of spiritual force, gift for him birthday smashed its dominion, freed, found out and developed own creature of man at first in his rational, then in his financial element. Cast aside gradually from your empiric concept of body all, that is in him empiric: color, hardness or mildness, weight, impenetrability; then however there will be space which a body (now already quite disappearing) occupied and which you can not cast aside. Ob'ektivatsiya on all of the stages is reign of law, but not reign of plenty. Objective thought is done by a kind, that is not interested in this. 7. But such basic concepts of metaphysics and concept of philosophy in general will not be obviously, if we will remember that it is founded in that zakhvachennosti, in which we do not do grabbed the article of presentation, but move by a completely another method, initially and in principle different from any scientific approach.

(1005 117 15). ) Suggestion behaves to logic, if we can be sure that it is true (or falsely) even in case that we do not know sense of his words, except for those which specify on a structure.

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