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18 — 25Á. Due to it we get the great number of knowledges which, true, essence not that other, as elucidation or interpretation that was already thought (though and in a dim yet kind) in our concepts, but at least in a due form valued equally with new views, although on maintenance explain only, but not extend already present for us concepts. We perceive properties of those forces which are accessible to feelings only. By similar appearance obviously, that motion which was reason, initially in relation to motion which was investigation. If in modern ěčęđîôčçčęĺ observer not eliminiruetsya from the results of measurings, but exists in utterances about them, it has exactly certain sense which can be formulated in mathematical expressions. So, in place of «direct authenticity» clip art birthday — let people believe in it itself — a number of metaphysical questions appears in the hands of philosopher, as a matter of fact, turned to the conscience of intellect: «From where for me concept of myshleniya? Why do I believe in cause and effect? That does give me a right to talk about «ß», the more so about «ß» — to reason and finally about «ß» as to reason of ideas?» Who in our days decides immediately to answer similar metaphysical questions, referring on the family cognitive intuition, — like a man, talking: «I think and know that it at least truly, really and obviously», — for that prepared a philosopher is a smile and two notes of interrogation. Feyerbakh Ë. Select philosophical works. Greater, that we can do in an order to present external objects at supposition, that they are specifically different from our perceptions, clip art birthday clip art birthday is to form a correlative idea about them, not applying on understanding of the correlated [with perceptions] objects. Cognition supposes not ideal, vnechelovecheskoe life and perfect passivity of man, admitting in itself the article of poznaniya, world of essences (Wesenheiten), and man, not psychological, but spiritual man and his creative activity.

by the same substance and the same personality, not remaining a man, if in accordance with the third value of word «man» to consider substantial for a man certain figure. Difficulties, related to this look and with every supposition, that scientific laws have a form of «L causally stipulates In», consist in that such consequences rarely are unchanging and that, even if they indeed unchanging, it is easily possible to imagine circumstances which will prevent them to be unchanging. Metaphysics of // Making. We can say only: if the taken into account parameters possess the values accepted at a calculation clip art birthday clip art birthday and if no other parameters clip art birthday render no influence on this process, a shell will get in the predicted place, that we utillize supposition about a causality, shown in a conditional form. ě. Äčäđî. And if it did not happen, of that time war would flow quite othergates, clip art birthday and that is why and modern circumstances would be folded quite differently. Philosophy in life is comprehension of daily activity, bringing of understanding all of pure as single in our activity, embodiment of the understood unity all of pure in a practical ideal, unity of idea and action. In 2 ň. .

So. With. But if under a word «cherry» you imply nepoznavaemuyu nature, different from its perceived life, then, certainly, I acknowledge that neither you neither I nor somebody other can not be sure that it exists. A table which I see is out of my body, as I see him in pertseptual'nom space, and a physical table is out of my physical body in physical space. It similarly is little able to possess the ideas of extent, figures or what that was not by, being out of it or out of its feelings, as by the ideas of light, sound, taste. From the purpose of cognition of truth then, certainly, renounce. , 1983. Nightingales of «Critic of the abstract beginnings» and «Philosophical clip art birthday beginnings whole çíŕíč˙».

All of the German philosophers, from Kanta to Gegelya, stragive the same failing, what we specified in the system of Gegelya: conclusions, done by them from polagaemykh by them principles, quite fall short of principles.

Reykhenbakhparmenid asserted that if there was becoming, a thing must was arise out of nothing, that he considered logically impossible. In a correct translation, in primordial sense it it designates not that other, as universal science, science about world whole, about vseokhvatnom unity of all of pure. It means that time is product of ob'ektivatsii, what be going on with a subject. A photon, going from a star to my eye, is the sequence of events, conformable an internal law, but stoppings to submit him, when a photon arrives at my eye. If we can look after this phenomenon at soundings strings, inert and from each other of separated, this phenomenon clip art birthday certainly will meet among animal and linked points, among continuous and sensible nervous fibres. I am acknowledged, I in difficulty, that here and to think. Attitude of philosophy toward other appearances of spirit and vice versa it is needed therefore to think itself, following empty not presentation of influencing, but, opposite, by the category of unity. A coincidence clip art clip art birthday birthday is between the supposed probability and measured probability, presumably, by the most thin and clip art birthday convincing reason in behalf on that nature is permeable for reason. As it was stated, there are epoches of revelation, there are areas of world history. you can, it admits, to assert that you opened some qualities which you do not perceive, and to assert that these unperceptible qualities exist afire and in sugar.

394 — 398Ń. For this purpose he does not need details, understanding of those eventual points is needed only, where these details meet.

I marked already, that time, strictly speaking, implied a sequence and that we apply this idea to the unchanging objects only by virtue of fiction of our imagination, by which an unchanging object is considered the participating changes of coexisting with him objectov, in particular our perceptions. (24) When, utillizing workings expressions, we talk: Something wishes «such, or does not wish, without» cause, we want these to say — «without external and preceding reason», but not without every.

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